How to hide files on Android phone is easy and safe

Protect your smartphone
How to hide files and apps on all Android phones is easy. Storing data or a file in the form of photos, videos, songs, documents and SMS on the smartphone can indeed sometimes we do to maintain privacy, the action is very commonly done by the user because to prevent things we do not want.

Surely by doing a hidden file or application makes our feelings as the owner of the gadget is not restless when it is possible that our phones may be borrowed or lend it to others.

Problem files, documents, videos or photos that are personal, very obliged us to keep it from others, because if the data is taken someone then we will experience a serious problem.

There are some easy and safe ways to do it, first by setting the settings on your Android phone, this trick is quite easy to do I'm sure even if you are a beginner can definitely do it.

As for the second to use free additional applications that you can get in  Play Store app on each of your smartphones. Here are tips to hide files and apps in android without root.

How to hide files on Android

1. How to Hide Files (photos, videos, documents) Without Applications

The first trick you can do hiding files in the form of photos, videos and documents without application is very simple. You just go directly to the menu and select "File Manager" after that select the file you want hidden. Next select "Rename" the file name by adding (.) In front of the file name, you will hide.

So essentially the file can only be opened through the file manager only and if you want to restore it again, just rename the file name again as before.
The second trick we will give is also no less easy with the first trick. The step you also go to "File Manager" then create a new "Folder" with a free name, in front of the name of the folder is added the prefix point, for example, SECRETS, after that you just move (cut) the file you will hide to the new folder. All files that you move to a folder that starts with that point will not be accessible through the gallery, can only be seen in File Manager only.

2. How to Hide Files (photos, videos, documents) With Applications

To hide second photo files, videos, and documents on Android by using an additional app called "Hide It Pro". Hide It Pro application is an app that allows users to be able to perform hidden in some file types on android. You live directly can download it for free at the official Android app store that is Play Store, with hiding It Pro hiding data files will be quite easy and of course, your privacy is maintained from people who are not responsible. 


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