How to manage or disable web notifications in Google Chrome

This way you can prevent the browser from displaying notifications and notifications of all types on web pages.

Almost all web browsers today have the ability to display page notifications. Surely at some point you have found a small message from "this page wants to show a notification", with the option to allow or block.

Web notifications can be useful in some cases, but also very annoying to others, for example when a site takes advantage of this notification to constantly send spam content, advertisements, and general messages that are not at all urgent and certainly do not require continuous attention we.

Learn how to manage notifications from websites you visit

In Chrome's case, we entered the browser settings and at the bottom we display advanced settings with the 'show' button. In the 'Privacy' section, click Content Settings and there you will find the notification related option.

As we can see there, notice can be disabled directly so no sites can show it. So from the 'Manage exceptions' section we can set how each web behavior is individually.

Turn off chrome push notifications

Here we see a complete list of all websites which at some point have asked us to access in order to display notifications so that we can maintain such adjustments or, if we want, revoke the page if the ads have been skipped.

allow block chrome desktop notifications
If you have more questions about Chrome notifications and notifications, here you can check your browser's help. What is the use of this warning? For example, they serve to receive notifications from social networks like Facebook without having to open a web tab.


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