How to report a Youtube video content with terrorism that can spread fear

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Various content can be shared over the internet, both photos and videos, but not all content is eligible to share primarily content related to terrorism. The reason is that the content is not only pertained to negative content but also spread fear.

Even so, there are still internet users who upload it to a video service like YouTube that can be accessed by anyone. Google actually has also provided a feature to help create a report when it finds negative content videos, especially terrorism.

Below we will provide guidance for you to report videos containing terrorist content. The steps you take are certainly a positive contribution to creating better conditions in cyberspace as well as the real world.

1. Find the Report option button

When you find video content that contains terrorism-related content, you can simply tap a video that is running until the icons appear on the video display.

Then select the three vertices arranged vertically and located in the upper right corner of the video. You will then be presented with a box containing several options, one of which is the Report option to report a video whose content is considered negative, select that option.

2. Selecting a negative content category report

After you take the first step, you will be presented with a page containing some negative content categories that you can choose, in this case, choose category promoting terrorism option for videos related to the element of terrorism.

If the video contains violent content, such as showing the victim's body a bloody event, you can also report it again by taking the first step and then selecting the violent category.

3. Create a more detailed report

Once you have selected the negative content category you should also fill in the reason fields of the content including negative content or make a description of the details and minutes.

You simply provide a short and clear, long unnecessary information which will help YouTube to investigate the content and immediately remove the video from YouTube services including Google services so that it will not be found by internet users.


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