How to use Google Maps without an internet network (Offline)

Google Maps
Google maps can be used in an offline state, for that we will provide information on how to use google maps without using the internet network.

This method can usually be used when walking in the countryside because in the countryside there is often no signal, most people will feel annoyed because it is useless to use Google maps if it does not work.

And when you are exploring to an island or into the forest spontaneously the signal will look empty or no signal. That is the function if you follow the way we will give below.

How to Use Google Maps Without the Internet Network

1. First, we have to download Google maps in Google Play store.

2. Find the place you will visit correctly with the correct address.

3. Next Give the Tab on the Name of the intended location.

4. After that press the tick-point, look in the right corner there are 3 dots to open the settings.

5. Then select save/save offline maps

6. Then we will be asked to enlarge the place in the select earlier. If the area you downloaded is too large then the Google Maps app will give you a warning.

To Access Google Maps you have downloaded, you can open the Google Maps app and scroll down until you see downloaded maps and press View.

Until here we can convey our articles hopefully can be useful for the needy.

Good luck.


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