How to use navigation gesture that can be done on Android easily

As many people know, a technology developed by Apple is always a trend for smartphone users, not least for users and even Android smartphone developers.

Some trends from Apple that is currently crowded among other notch technology, dual camera technology to gesture system technology that is all contained in the iPhone X device.

If you are an Android user who is also curious about the technology trends that brought this Apple, you can get it easily on Android smartphones.

If the current display notch and dual camera technology have begun to be applied by many Android-based smartphone developers, now navigate the system can also be done easily.

How to use Navigation Gesture on Android

To be able to navigate gesture like iPhone X, we need an application called Navigation Gesture, directly made from XDA.

Then just open the Gesture Navigation app and give access to Accessibility Service and enable Write Secure Setting.

For users who have rooted on their smartphone, simply grant access, but for users who have not done root, then they must enable Write Secure Settings via adb.

After that, immediately open the app and enable the Gesture option. So the navigation system will automatically change.

Navigation Gesture on Android
You should know because this app is still the initial version that just released, so this application cannot run well in some smartphone. However, along with the improvements provided, in the future, all the navigation systems, of course, can run well.

In addition, if you want to uninstall this app, then you should first disable gesture from the existing settings. If not, the navigation system on your Android smartphone will be completely lost.


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