Huawei: ICT pushes the world economy forward

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Information Communication Technology (ICT) became one of the fastest growing technology fields today. Although still considered new by some parties, ICT is called to be one of the technology with the greatest opportunities.

Nevertheless, the University of Warwick Assistant Professor of Economics at Mirco Draca says that this technology has a long history of use and has started to be commonly used by various industry actors.

"ICT is one of the driving forces of economic progress in the world, including the emerging region, and ICT in the economy is the beginning of commercialization and improvement in this sphere will encourage convenience on services that utilize it," Draca said at the Huawei Asia Pacific Innovation Day 2018.

ICT technology called Draca is experiencing a shift of impact along with the progress it experienced from year to year. But in its development, Draca calls this technology requires the escort from government alias regulator, including related broadband policy.

Broadband policy is rated by Draca as a policy in innovation that provides a platform for innovation development. Meanwhile, Draca said, the expansion of this technology is growing rapidly, causing difficulties for some parties to reach the impact it produces.

Investing in broadband becomes one way to invest in ICT development in the future. Draca also mentioned that the development of ICT has a close relationship with artificial intelligence technology (AI), increasing the robotics capability in this field. That way, robotics technology can be used by industry players to apply efficiency in their daily operations.

But robotic technology is getting better as one of the things that drive changes in the field of work. This quality improvement is recognized Draca affects the job with low ability level needs, although he has not found a mark on his influence on jobs with high capacity requirements.

The development of ICT in the future called Draca cannot be separated from the support of various parties, including Huawei as a company in the field of technology. One way called Draca can be done by Huawei is to provide a big investment for the development of this technology next.    


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