Huawei occupies the top three positions in the smartphone industry market share in several regions of the world

In a video uploaded by Huawei on China's Weibo video platform, Chief Executive Officer of Huawei Consumer Business Group Yu Chengdong congratulated the community of Huawei product users.

Yu also revealed that Huawei will be sending more smartphones this year. Yu admitted that last year Huawei managed to send 150 million units of smartphones, including Honor series to various parts of the world.

Yu revealed that Huawei is targeting this year to send more smartphones to 200 million units. This is probably because of Huawei's position in the global market including several areas that managed to sit in the top three.

Based on data from Counterpoint research firm, data on global smartphone market share in Q1 2018 of total shipments of Huawei products recorded a share of 11 percent.

On top of it is Samsung which dominates 22 percent market share and followed by Apple as much as 15 percent. Under Huawei, there are several other brands like LG, Vivo, Oppo, and Xiaomi.

Counterpoint also leverages Huawei's position in smartphone market share in Q1 2018 in several regions of the world. In the market share of Europe and Latin America and South America Huawei, position managed to survive in third place while in the Middle East region is in the fourth position.


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