Instagram mentions has solved the problems experienced by Android version of app users

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In recent days, a number of users around the world report problems with the Android version of the app. Now, Instagram claims to have known the existence of the problem, which he announced via his official Twitter account.

Instagram does not mention the cause of the problem but reveals that this problem has different effects on various devices.

A number of users claim the app is immediately closed and show notifications encountered a problem shortly after accessing it.

Meanwhile, a number of other users reported that performing a search on the home page or watching Instagram Stories caused the app to be problematic.

This problem causes an increase in the ratings represented by a star on the Instagram app page in the Play Store.

Currently, it is still unknown that Instagram users are affected by the bug, but the information circulating on social networks indicates that Samsung's device is the biggest device that encounters this problem.

In addition to Samsung, app users on Xiaomi, Huawei, and Motorola devices also report bugs in this app.

Instagram confirms, however, that it has resolved this problem a few days after the user has re-installed the app and cleared the cache to fix the problem.

Instagram advises users who also experience problems in their application to download the latest updates from the Play Store. If you continue to experience problems after updating, Instagram also suggests deleting and reinstalling.


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