Instagram users are increasing and estimated to reach 2 billion

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The Instagram appeal is predicted to be consistently increasing in the realm of apps. To note, Instagram Facebook has acquired in 2012. At that time, users are still in the number 50 million people.

Now, if Instagram is a stand-alone company, they are estimated to have a value of US $ 100 billion.

The number is very fantastic considering that in 2012 and then Facebook only spend as much as the US $ 1 billion to buy Instagram.

Instagram itself has just grabbed one billion active users, their number of users is projected to grow to two billion within the next five years.

One factor is that the platform is popular among youngsters, even an increase over Facebook whose user development is slower and stagnant. The presence of many young people in Instagram also makes it a magnet for its own advertisers.

Instagram itself has just announced that they have reached one billion users from all over the world.

This number is clearly very large with a significant increase, considering in September 2017 they still have 800 million users.

Thus, within just a few months, social media sharing photos and video of Facebook is able to achieve the growth of 200 million new users.

CEO and founder of Instagram Kevin Systrom also gave his response to the number of users Instagram so large. According to him, this achievement is a very amazing thing.

"It's amazing, me and Mike (co-founder of Instagram) did not expect this to happen," Kevin said in Instagram's special ceremony on Wednesday 20th.

Nevertheless, Kevin did not reveal the reason behind the rapid growth of this new user. If in the past year, the growth of new users is likely from the Instagram Stories feature launch.

Could be, the growth of new users is due to some recent features that glide in Instagram lately, such as the presence of GIF features, Emoji Slider, and polls on Instagram Stories.


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