Intel announced the new Intel Core i7-8086K limited edition processor

Intel officially announced their Core i7-8086K processor that replaces the Core i7-8700K as a flagship. This processor directly can be called a special edition commemorating 40 years 8086, which debuted as the first x86 processor on June 8, 1978. According to various sources, new processors offered Intel will only be sold as many as 50,000 units.

The new 8-gen Core chip maximizes 5GHz turbo frequencies, and with a default clock speed of 4GHz out of the box. This will signal an increase of +300 MHz at the base and all-core frequencies, and + 300 MHz on a single core turbo. 

The Core i7-8086K is also supported with an unlocked multiplier and is ready for overclocking to an even more powerful speed. This processor has also been able to handle high gaming and high frame rates at best, and can be used in some games and content creation apps.

For the current price Intel has not given price or other information that is certain, but according to information from wccftech they received details that estimated about $ 399 US which is the price of premium Intel prefabricated with good enough specifications and quality.


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