Apple is rumored to have started production of iPhone 6s in India

iPhone 6s
After making a factory in India to produce iPhone SE for Indian customers, Apple is now rumored to be producing iPhone 6s and one other iPhone in the country.

The third type of iPhone made in India is still unknown, but it is suspected the phone is the iPhone 6s Plus.

Production of the iPhone 6s in Bengaluru, India has begun last week, almost five months since Apple and Wistron's contract manufacturing were first reported to be making new plants in India, according to a report from the Economic Times.

In April, both reportedly tried to produce iPhone 6s Plus in India. However, they do not seem to have modeled it locally.

Apple began making mobile phones in India with the aim of increasing their market share in the "middle and upper class" smartphone market.

The Indian government now provides a significant tax on imported equipment, increasing the price of the device.

This regulation was created with the aim of encouraging foreign companies to manufacture their products domestically.

Local manufacturers are expected to help Apple to push down prices from their middle and lower class devices so that the iPhone will be able to compete with their competitors like Samsung, who already produce their products in India.

Interestingly, although Apple offers the iPhone SE at a more attractive price, this does not significantly increase Apple's market share. iPhone SE only contributes 15 percent of overall iPhone sales. While iPhone 6, which is imported, accounts for about a third of total iPhone sales.

That way, producing iPhone in India will help Apple to overcome high taxes. In Q1 this year, Apple lost to Samsung and OnePlus in the "premium" smartphone segment in India because the tax forced Apple to increase the price of iPhone 8 and iPhone X.


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