iPhone 9 is rumored to be launched in November next possibility slower 2 months from the schedule of Apple in general

iPhone 9
A number of parties questioned the panel that Apple will use on one of its new iPhone models, rumored to be supported with a 6.1-inch screen and offered at an affordable price.

Rumors previously circulated mention that Apple will replace the LCD panel with OLED. Meanwhile, iPhone 9 is rumored as the name that carried the latest iPhone model in 2018 single rear camera, will be launched in November.

This indicates the delay of launching this phone for one to two months from Apple's schedule in general. The delay is due to Apple's problems with the LCD panel.

Apple commissioned JDI to handle Full Active display technology, and LG Display to produce 6.1-inch panels. However, the larger sized design of the bangs Apple has bigger problems than predictions.

Sources from the industry cite problems related to light leaks around the bangs in both plants, which are so difficult to avoid, potentially delaying the presence of such smartphones in the market. Meanwhile, LG has released its design LCD phone design bangs on the market, the G7, with a smaller space.

With a size of 150.9 mm x 76.5mm x 7.7mm, Apple's latest iPhone will be Apple's first big sailing phone that carries a compact body and is offered at an affordable price when compared to the standard price of Apple smartphones. The price offer indicates Apple's expectation of its sales.

The announcement of iPhone LCD sailing that will be implemented after Apple announced the successor iPhone X mobile with the OLED display panel, is expected to force consumers to prefer to buy the model with the price is more expensive.

This is considered as the opposite of Apple's strategy in 2017, pushing sales of the iPhone X is less good when compared with analyst predictions. The latest report warns, due to delay its launch, Apple will only sell 30-40 million units of LCD iPhone this year, and 75 million units of OLED iPhone.


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