iPhone Basic Conan for smartphone addicts

iPhone Basic
In the midst of the circulation of Apple complaints that are considered responsible for addiction to smartphones and required to do something, this technology giant introduced the feature Screen Time at its annual event, WWDC.

This Screen Time feature is tasked to measure the duration of the iPhone users spent on certain applications.

Even Apple CEO Tim Cook has to admit to finding himself using his company's product works in duration too long, after using this Screen Time feature.

This sparked the Conan Show host utilizing Apple's new Digital Health initiative as inspiration for creating comedy ads linked to the best iPhone models, to stop consumer addiction towards smartphones.

In the ad, the iPhone brings the name of the iPhone Basic and comes with a body without the support of buttons or screens.

The ad shows a device with Apple-like notification style while discussing how this low-end classroom device model enables users to better enjoy life with children and couples.

The iPhone Basic is also featured encouraging users to do more outdoor activities, and allowing users to be themselves. These ads can already be watched through Team Coco's YouTube channel.

The device shown in the ad is similar to a phone called a noPhone, released in 2014.

The phone is designed for consumers who find it difficult not to carry a smartphone every day, and present in a plastic wrap for 12 US $.

A version with a better selfie ability, offered for 18 US $, comes with a reflective sticker on the back of the device.


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