LG V40 will be the first smartphone to bring the number of cameras at most five cameras at once

LG V30
After the trend of dual cameras became popular and Huawei P20 Pro brings innovation three cameras at once in the rear, now rumors circulating LG V40 as the successor LG V30 will come with five cameras.

Quoted from Android Police, it is not yet known how it is arranged, but leaked information indicates that three cameras will be on the back camera while the front camera becomes a dual camera.

If the LG V40 brings the dual front camera, it does not mean they are the first. HTC U12 Plus has already become a pioneer double camera on the front camera.

While the technology will be presented on a dual camera in front of the camera will carry some familiar technologies such as 3D face mapping for face recognition and face unlock like that brought iPhone X and other brands.

Even so, the decision to present five cameras at once will strengthen the position of the LG V40 later as the first smartphone with the most number of cameras.

Unfortunately, not much information can be known about the LG V40. This smartphone will come with a size like the G7 ThinQ and will have or possibly be removed as in LG G7 ThinQ, as well as using Qualcomm Snapdragon 845.


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