Microsoft also announced the termination of Groove Music app on Android and iOS devices

Groove Music
Last year, Microsoft announced it would stop Groove Music streaming service, and all consumers with Music Pass would be transferred to Spotify. Microsoft's music service will be discontinued on 1 December 2018.

However, the user's personal music files will remain available in OneDrive even after the beginning of December. Unfortunately, users will no longer be able to listen to files with the Groove Music app on Android and iOS devices.

Therefore, Microsoft also announced the termination of the operationalization of applications on two mobile device platform. According to Microsoft, Android and iOS apps will also be discontinued on December 1, 2018, so users can no longer use them and are advised to uninstall this app.

Microsoft said the only way to be able to listen to music files and playlists belonging to users stored in OneDrive is through the application Groove Music Windows 10 which can be accessed via PC, Xbox or Windows Phone.

Meanwhile, for the first time in three years, Microsoft's valuation goes beyond Alphabet, Google's parent company. Microsoft now has a valuation of US $ 753 billion while Alphabet US $ 739 billion. This makes Microsoft as the third largest valuation company in the world after Apple and Amazon. 


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