Microsoft is rumored to be acquiring the platform of GitHub software developers

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Microsoft is reportedly in talks to acquire the GitHub software developer platform. This conversation originally stems from a desire to conduct a marketing partnership with a project value of US $ 35 million.

However, it appears that the talks continue on the potential of Microsoft to invest in GitHub or direct acquisitions.

It is unclear whether this talk is still going on, but parties familiar with the talks say that GitHub's price for a full acquisition exceeds the price that Microsoft wants to pay.

GitHub itself is worth the US $ 2 billion when it was last funded in 2015. While the price for the full acquisition is estimated at the US $ 5 billion or more.
This talk itself follows the difficulty of GitHub to find a new CEO, after leaving CEO and founder Chris Wanstrath withdrew from his post 10 months ago.
Microsoft previously also reportedly had a conversation with GitHub in 2016, but GitHub denied the rumors.

GitHub itself is a very essential platform for software developers to store code, track updates and discuss issues. Currently, GitHub users reach 23 million individual users in more than 1.5 million organizations.


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