Microsoft is rumored to be overhauling the design of Surface Pro which was launched next year

Microsoft Surface Pro 5
Surface Pro design has not changed much in recent years. Surface Pro that Microsoft mid-2019 last year only increased the specifications of the laptop with little change in the body of the laptop itself.

While the model that Microsoft launched this year just get an additional optional LTE antenna for mobile connectivity.

Microsoft will "overhaul" the design of Surface Pro 6, which is rumored to be launched in mid 2019. Reportedly, Microsoft will add USB-C / Thunderbolt 3 port on the laptop.

Resource persons also confirmed the rumor that says that Microsoft will introduce the tablet Surface with a smaller size and more affordable price this year. The tablet will compete with Apple's iPad.

In addition, reportedly, Surface Hub 2 50-inch touchscreen computer from Microsoft will also be launched next year. This year, it is possible, Microsoft will release Surface Pro and Surface new Laptop with Intel 8th generation processor.

Another rumor is that Microsoft will introduce a tablet with two screens this year. The device was not impossible to make. Not long ago, Intel has exhibited a prototype Tiger Rapids with two screens.


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