Microsoft is rumored to be launching a new generation of Xbox in 2020

Xbox One X
Microsoft is rumored to be preparing to launch its next-generation Xbox console by 2020. While Microsoft's President of Gaming, Phil Spencer admits that Microsoft is already busy developing the next Xbox console, Brad Sams from reports that the next-generation Xbox will be present in 2020.

The software company is also reportedly developing a "set of devices" codenamed "Scarlett" which is the code for the latest Xbox console. This is in line with Spencer's saying that there will be Xbox "consoles" and not just one console.

Unfortunately, it is still unknown that the set of devices consists of any device. Possibly, Microsoft is considering making a streaming game device, considering they are currently focused on the new game streaming service.

Prior to this, Sams reported that Microsoft would launch "Xbox TV" on E3 2016. However, the device was never launched. 

Microsoft canceled a project called Project Hobart, which should serve to allow users to access Xbox games from a second TV at home.

The new Xbox console from Microsoft will most likely be able to play games for Xbox One. Microsoft has spent considerable time and not enough funds to introduce their backward compatibility features, allowing Xbox One and Xbox One X users to play Xbox and Xbox 360 games.

Microsoft has not provided official information related to the latest Xbox. However, Spencer assured that "We will fulfill our commitment to creating a new benchmark for gaming consoles."


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