Microsoft released an update for the Android version of Outlook to prevent downloading images automatically

Microsoft Outlook Logo
Microsoft released the latest update for its Android version of Outlook app. The update does not feature many new features but adds a new feature that works to prevent users from automatically storing images received in Outlook email accounts.

This is not a big deal, but Outlook users on Android devices will now be able to manage the way and time they want to save the received images in their email inbox.

There is a new feature in the Settings menu that now lets users block external images, if not desired.

The list of application changes also mentions that a number of performance improvements and bug fixes are also intended to improve the overall experience. However, improvements and improvements are generally included in Microsoft weekly updates.

Previously, it was rumored that Microsoft plans to stop support for VR features in the Xbox One game console.

Chief Marketing Officer of Gaming Xbox Mike Nichols stated that Xbox development in the future will focus on improving the experience of playing on television, while for VR will be submitted to the PC platform. 


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