Microsoft Visual Search can be a competitor Google Lens

Development of AI technology (artificial intelligence) in the smartphone is increasing, for example, is done through Google Google Lens feature. AI capabilities connected to the smartphone's camera can recognize and provide information related to objects caught on camera.

Unfortunately, the feature is specifically present in the smartphone made by Google. The good news, now Microsoft has just released a similar application that will be a competitor Google Lens named Microsoft Visual Search.

The Microsoft Visual Search feature is present in the Bing search app. Information from Microsoft mentions that technology is also presented in their other applications, such as Microsoft Launcher Android, Microsoft Edge Android, and many more including for iOS.

How to use it is still similar to Google Lens. You simply take or upload an image of an object and then decide which part of the object the photo will be searching for. With AI technology support will be presented information related to the object.
Based on the demo video, the presented search information appears complete in the form of photos, in contrast to the results from Google Lens which are presented only in text form according to any object that AI technology recognizes.

Comparing with how to use the feature in Google Lens may be more practical. If Microsoft Visual Search in Bing requires you first pick up or upload photos, Google Lens just needs to point the camera to its object so this mode can be used in conjunction with augmented reality technology. 


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