7 Job of computer network security engineer is very important at this time with the highest salary

Computer security
IT world is very wide, a lot of field work that is in the world of IT, ranging from technicians to managers.

IT world is also increasingly needed today, of course, almost all offices today require IT staff, at least for typists or technicians.

But the breadth of the IT world is also not spared from vulnerability, data security so very important at this time. For that network security services datapun be increased and of course also the salary offered to the workers is also high. However, security has a major role in the success of the company.

Here are some jobs in the IT world in the security field with the most expensive payment.

7 computer security jobs with the highest salaries

1. Lead Software Security Engineers

Lead Software Securuty Engineers is in charge of doing everything from maintaining and deploying employee training programs to develop security-related aspects and application programs.

Lead Software Security Engineer is at least a graduate of computer science or a field similar to the relevant security certification. Soft skills, such as communication and collaboration skills are also very important.

Average salary: US$ 233,333

2. Chief Security Officer

Chief security officer is a data security chief who is tasked against as long as the threats that arise. At least have a degree in computer science or similar fields.

Average salary: US$ 225,000

3. Global Information Security Director

This role involves the maintenance and implementation of information security projects and the coordination of response to violations or attacks if they occur. This field should also at least be a computer graduate or similar field.

Average salary: US$ 200,000

4. Security Consultant

Security consulting works with clients to develop effective strategies for cyber security. In addition to knowing the best practices and procedures they should recommend, they must also master communication, negotiation and management techniques. Organizations will usually look for experienced people to make consultants for their companies.

Average salary: US$ 198,909

5. Chief Information Security Officer

This field is similar to Chief Security Officer, but focuses more on securing organizational data and intellectual property as well as related information assets.

Average salary: US$ 192,500

6. Director of Security

The security director can have multiple roles and responsibilities according to his organization, but most of their work focuses on minimizing the risk of attack while guiding the internal team to maintain security. This field also needs to interact with employees and external vendors or partners, they must have good soft skills.

Average salary US $ 178,333

7. Cybersecurity leads

Cyber security
A cyber security chief has a very demanding job and has high pressure, as if evaluating the organization for potential vulnerabilities in relation to analysts and other security staff.

Average salary: US $ 175,000


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