12 of the coolest new technology inventions in 2018

new technology inventions
New technology inventions - The pace of technological development has progressed so fast and rapidly, since the discovery of machines and computers the world of technology experienced such a drastic development.

The speed of technological development and even sometimes not overtaken by us, so many of us who feel left behind technological progress.

As soon as the latest innovation in the world of technology is certainly the main purpose to make humans easier in doing a job.

Now with just need a smartphone to communicate remotely, maybe even one day we can visit the future or the past with a time machine.

Here are 12 new technology discoveries in 2018:

1. Lenovo Smart Assistant

The new Lenovo speaker becomes a slightly cheaper and more colorful alternative than the Amazon Echo. This gadget has eight microphones that according to Lenovo can capture sound from a distance of 16 feet.

Lenovo claims that Smart Assistant is ideal for being asked to perform various tasks such as answering questions, managing calendars, and task lists, to playing music. This powerful gadget was launched in May for $ 130 for the standard model and $ 180 for the version with upgraded Harman Kardon speakers.

2. Dell Laptop 2 in 1

Dell Laptop 2 in 1
At the CES event, Dell introduced some convertible laptops. And the most prominent is the Latitude 7285 series and XPS 13 latest version. Latitude 7285 is expected to be a Surface 4 Pro rival with a sharp screen, a stylus that is more like a laptop.

Whereas, XPS 13 here is the latest version with a flexible spinning hinge that can be used in a different position.

3. Razer Project Valerie

Razer Project Valerie
We can play games, watch movies, do the tasks simultaneously on one laptop without being disturbed one bit.

This kind of concept is offered by Razer through Project Valerie. Giant gaming gear from the United States is creating a laptop with three screens at once.

Each screen has a size of 17 inches and supports 4K resolution. All three screens can be used separately or simultaneously as a giant screen. Unfortunately, the weight reached 12 pounds to be a constraint for this laptop.

4. Asus Zenfone AR

Asus says that in the near future, we may use our phones in a way that is better than just playing games, or doing video calls. M

Through Zenfone AR, Asus offers the latest innovations to deliver a much better experience in the virtual reality world.

This phone has been supported with two platforms owned by Google, namely Tango and Daydream. Means the hardware is designed in such a way as to track motion, feel the depth of an object, to study the goods around to run applications AR or VR.

5. PowerRay Aquatic Drone

PowerRay Aquatic Drone
PowerVay PowerVay latest from PowerVision became a dream that finally became a reality for fish seekers.

If drones usually operate in the air or on land, this one drone is even devoted to using in the water. This sophisticated drone is compatible with a FishFinder add-on that can be used to detect fish and send images to users.

Drones that can operate very well in freshwater and seawater are equipped with the 4K camera with 12-megapixel resolution.

6. Toyota Concept-i

Toyota Concept-i
Toyota believes if in the future various vehicles, especially cars will become more sophisticated.

For the sake of realizing it, through the event CES yesterday Toyota introduced a vehicle called Concept-i. Vehicles in the form of this car are said to run automatically through artificial intelligence or A.I in it.

Toyota also claims that this car can learn more references and driver needs from time to time. Such as suggesting destination through personal assistant named Yui.

7. Intel Credit Card Sized Computer

Intel Credit Card Sized Computer
If some computers or laptops are designed with enhanced specifications, Intel is even thinking about how we can upgrade household appliances to robots in the future.

Intel Compute Card, which in fact is a mini PC the size of a credit card designed to be easily inserted into smart devices. The ultimate goal is to make gadgets such as smart refrigerators until security cameras can be upgraded easily.

8. 5G

In the world of network devices, it seems logical that the data transfer technology is also increasing. The new 5G is designed to connect all devices and ensure high speed not only under laboratory conditions but in any situation.

9. Bots Customer Service

robot customer service
Have you ever dealt with customer service from larger companies lately?

If so, chances are you're talking with a bot. Whether through chat or over the phone, in the future most of the customer contacts will be taken over by the robot.

Currently, hybrid solutions are mainly used, where these issues are roughly recorded and customers are then routed to the right employees. Due to the rapid development of language processing and artificial intelligence, bots will increasingly take over leadership in customer service.

10. Wireless Ring Barcode Scanner Ring

Wireless Ring Barcode Scanner Ring
This is a tool for scanning barcodes or barcodes. Usually this barcode we meet in the grocery pack when shopping at supermarkets. This item is small and can be used like a ring.

11. Security based on Artificial Intelligence

The development of artificial intelligence technology must be balanced with intelligent security systems as well. The technology of continuous risk and trust assumption (CARTA) can be one way. This level of artificial intelligence can even monitor and analyze security within a fraction of a second before an attack occurs.

12. Digital Twins

Digital Twins
Artificial intelligence can also be born in twins. This is intended to simplify the digital operations that load billions of data traffic each second.

Hopefully can be useful about the explanation of new technology inventions in 2018. Maybe the next year will be more and more some gadgets that are still better. And stay tuned for information at techdah.com.

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