Pokémon Go will bring AR technology with more real because it can act and hide behind objects

Pokemon GO
Pokémon Go's game developer Niantic seems not yet satisfied with the popular AR (Augmented Reality) innovation, by continuing to develop new features. This time the characters in Pokémon Go will look more real, not only in terms of graphics but also his movements. Niantic is testing technology called Occlusion.

Occlusion not only makes the Pokémon characters in the AR view behave and move around but will move according to the condition of the objects around them.

For more details, in the uploaded video, Niantic is shown that in the AR mode, usually the Pokémon will run around and pierce the real objects that surround it.

With Occlusion, later Pokémon characters will run around meandering according to the objects around him. In fact, he can hide behind real objects that exist or avoid objects moving toward him.

It is known that this technology is the result of the development of neural network technology acquired by Niantic after it acquired the startup Matrix Mill that developed similar technology.

The neural network helps virtual images or animations for real and real-time to unite and appear or move with objects in the real world. Pokémon Go game is predicted to be more exciting and real thanks to this technology.

see the video here


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