President Trump inaugurated the construction of Foxconn factory in the US

Inauguration of Foxconn factory development in US
Foxconn factory development in the United States (US) realized. President Donald Trump participated in the groundbreaking procession of the plant's construction.

Foxconn's new factory is located in Mount Pleasant Wisconsin. The taiwan-based manufacturing company that provides up to $ 10 billion for development.

The area of the factory to be built alone reaches 1.9 million square meters. There Foxconn plans to produce LCD screens and is expected to employ 13 thousand people.

"As Foxconn has found, there is no better place to build, employ and grow than here, in the United States," Trump said in his speech.

In addition to building factories, Foxconn previously signed an agreement to purchase the WaterMark building in downtown Green Bay, Wisconsin. The building has 6 floors and an area of 6,968 square meters.

Later in the building will be made an innovation center that employs 200 people. There, Foxconn will develop 8K and 5G display technology.

"The innovation center in Green Bay will play a key role in our goal of creating a vibrant AI 8K + 5G ecosystem in the US, with Wisconsin at the heart of this vision," said Terry Gou, Founder, and CEO of Foxconn.


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