Samsung Galaxy Note 9 rumored to have been certified in the United States so most likely will soon be released in the near future

Samsung Galaxy Note 9
In an annual event titled "Unpacked" held by Samsung in New York, United States, in June the Samsung had time to plan to bring the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 faster, following the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 +.

At that time circulated information also from people in the company of Samsung who reportedly will release the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 on August 9th. Now the plan of the news may well be true by Samsung, thanks to information from the FCC.

A device made by Samsung with the SM-N960F code has received a certification that allegedly is the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, certification Samsung Galaxy Note 8 last July in FCC with the code name SM-N950.

The FCC document data also mentions that the SM-N960F device also uses a stylus that reinforces this alleged device is the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Unfortunately, there is no more complete information on the specifications it carries despite rumors circulating about its specifications.

Although the announcement of the certification received by the SM-N960F device was released by the FCC on June 25, 2018 yesterday, other information mentioned that the FCC has received its device in April which is likely to be a near-finished version of the device being prepared into the market.

Two codes that refer to the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in the FCC, namely SM-N960F and SM-N960X. Both versions of this version have differences in the Dual SIM feature of products that will be marketed to Asia.

It is not known whether the two variants of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 models will also come with different processors.


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