Samsung reportedly will announce its latest smartphone Galaxy Note 9 in August 9

Samsung galaxy note 9
Samsung touted to announce the new flagship smartphone, Galaxy Note 9 in the near future. According to reports from Bloomberg, the presence of Galaxy Note 9 will be faster than expected.

Galaxy Note 9 may be announced on August 9, 2018, or two weeks earlier than when Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 8 years ago.

At first, Samsung has mentioned plans to announce the presence of Galaxy Note 9 end of August 2018.

Obviously, if this happens, Galaxy Note 9 will compete all-out with the iPhone released this year. Last year, Galaxy Note 8 went on sale after iPhone 8 and iPhone X announced in September.

It is also alleged to make early sales of Galaxy Note 8 far less with the iPhone 8 and iPhone X because it is suspected consumers are more interested in buying Apple's device.

Previously, Samsung is expected to release the Galaxy Note 9 faster, which is around July 2018. But according to a recent report, Samsung postponed to August 2018 because there is a design change.

Samsung plans to emphasize the increase in camera features on the Galaxy Note 9. Means, Galaxy Note 9 will come with the dual-aperture technology available on the Galaxy S9.

Galaxy Note 9 will also be equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 flagship processor specifically for a number of markets.


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