5 signs that need to be known for Android phones infected with the virus

virus alert
Nowadays, all activities can be controlled by using a smartphone only. The process of purchasing goods, money transfers, and others can already be done on a smartphone with an internet connection. This, of course, invites the perpetrators of cybercrime to try to steal the financial data, for its sake.

The way that is usually done by this cyber criminals is by sending a virus or malware into your Android phone. If the virus or malware you execute and work, then all your data will be taken over. For that, you need to know the characteristics of Android phones that have been infected with the following viruses.

1. The ad appears even though the smartphone is not opened

The clearest sign if your Android phone has been infected by a virus or malware is the appearance of ads that are not clear. Where these ads can even appear, even though your Android phone is not open. If it's like this, then the hackers who make the malware can easily access your smartphone, if you click on the ad.

2. Always get and send SMS yourself

Mobile Android that has been infected with a virus or malware is going to get and send SMS by itself. Even worse if your Android phone can make their own calls. When it comes to this stage, the hacker virus maker means it has managed to infiltrate your Android smartphone.

3. The battery quickly runs out

At the next sign for Android hp already infected with the virus, it makes the battery power fast once run out. In fact, just a few minutes ago the battery is 100% but it is up again. The virus or malware can masquerade as a program on your smartphone. Where the malware will continue to work, thus draining the performance of your smartphone, including the battery.

4. Feels very slow

Malware that works to drain your smartphone performance, of course not only will make the battery run out quickly but also will make other hardware focus work for malware purposes. So, when you open another app, it will be very slow.


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