Sony revealed that it is developing a new launcher replacement Xperia Home launcher

After revealing will no longer bring new features in the Xperia Weather app, Sony also announced putting Xperia Home Launcher in maintenance mode. This led to the assumption that the next Sony smartphone will use the Android built-in launcher.

However, Sony denied the assumption by confirming that the company is developing a replacement for Xperia Home. Until now, there is still no detailed information regarding changes planned by Sony.

Nevertheless, given his decision to stop the whole previous launcher circulation and start developing a new version, the Japanese brand is believed to be developing a big thing, predicted as a new user interface.

This new user interface is expected to come with better gesture control over the new gestures and will be presented with the release of Google's Android P operating system.

Sony has not disclosed detailed information related to the launch time of the launcher or its development period.

If it supports control via gesture, the Japanese brand is expected to also present a replacement for Xperia Home at the release of Android P beta in the future.

The presence in the beta is considered to be a step that allows Sony to test its new launcher on a number of Xperia XZ2 device users before officially launched to all other Xperia smartphone users. 


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