The Central Bank of India urges all banks in the country to use the new security system as well as the Windows OS

Reserve Bank of India
Windows XP has stopped receiving updates since April 2014, but not all organizations or companies have updated their devices with the new OS. India is among the newly decided switch from Windows XP.

India issued an appeal to all banks in the country to implement a new security system. All banks have to leave Windows XP completely in June 2019.

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) through a memo last week revealed that the transition from Windows XP to date is running slowly. Therefore, the government wants to see greater transition efforts by mid-June 2019.

"The bank's slow progress in dealing with this issue has been taken seriously by the RBI. The vulnerability arising from bank ATMs operating on older versions of the OS and lacking security can potentially harm consumers," RBI wrote in the memo.

RBI provides guidance to all banks about the security measures that must be done, ranging from the use of passwords to the percentage of the latest OS implementation to be achieved next year.


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