Tinder is testing a new feature that will feature candidates as per the user's wishes named Picks

Tinder tests new Picks feature
Currently, Tinder is reportedly testing the new features that claimed to save time, titled Picks. This feature will present users of the most suitably rated candidates, and explain why candidates are included in the list.

For example, if a user is detected more like a partner with a job as a doctor, Picks will help save time by exploring other users in the Tinder app and curating the list of candidate recommendations with the profession.

In addition, this list of candidates is also curated appropriately for users based on work, interests, hobbies, and other personal characteristics.

Different versions of this feature are being tested on iOS operating system devices in UK, Germany, Brazil, France, Canada, Turkey, Mexico, Sweden, Russia and the Netherlands.

Meanwhile, this Picks feature will reportedly be distributed to other users within 24 hours.

To see the options, the user can tap the diamond icon at the top of the Discovery menu. If you want to view the profile, the user can wipe the candidate's photo or send "Super Like".

But to do this, users need to upgrade to Tinder Gold account. With Passport feature, users are also reported to be able to display a list of candidates on Picks features from different countries around the world.

Central tested in the country, currently, Tinder still has not provided information regarding the availability of this feature in other countries, whether for testing or for actual use as a permanent feature in its application. 


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