Uber has just made a lite version of light and efficient in its application

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Uber has just launched Uber Lite, a lightweight and efficient version of its regular apps. The Lite app is targeted for markets in developing countries where available internet connections are still slow and handset market is dominated by entry-level handsets.

First launched in India, this app seems to be Uber's last attempt to remain relevant in Asia. Previously, Uber had sold its business in China and Southeast Asia to its competitors.

Uber only puts essential features in its Lite app. Uber Lite measures only 5MB for download, compared to regular Uber apps that can reach 181.4 MB.

Uber also gives Lite a more simple design to maximize efficiency. Maps that previously appeared when the app was first opened are now optional to keep apps running smoothly.

Uber lite
Uber Lite also uses the GPS position of the user to estimate the user's intended address, so users do not need much typing. This app also stores the most popular locations in the city so when the user is offline then there is no internet connection required to use Uber Lite.

Uber himself views India, which has a population of 1.3 billion, as one of the markets that will play an important role in Uber's future development. "If you look at the market, this (India) is one of our healthiest markets in terms of growth rates," said Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi in an interview with ETNow earlier this year.
"When I think about Uber and where we are in 10 years from now, our success in India will be an important part in the development of this company and how we innovate and how our position in the global mobile ecosystem," he continued.
However, Khosrowshahi's remark is inversely proportional to the rumors circulating in March that Uber will sell its business in India to its competitor, Ola. Uber is also advised by its shareholders to focus more on markets in the West.


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