Uber wants to patent AI technology with a system to identify drunk passengers

Uber car
You might think a drunk passenger is a bad behavior. Therefore, Uber's ride-sharing company wants to know the various behaviors of its users by identifying drunk passengers with artificial intelligence, according to a patent application published Thursday.

According to a patent application filed by the company on Thursday, Uber plans to use machine learning to better understand the "circumstances" of passengers when they request a ride, according to a report from Gizmodo.

The AI device identifies its passenger by knowing the frequency of the typo and how long the customer is requesting a ride.

It is only natural that a new customer coming out of the bar will be a bit inconvenienced typing their home address and the way in which Uber will identify its main passenger by looking at the frequency of typos.

The influence of alcohol is very dangerous for anyone with the AI feature that Uber planned in teaching will let the driver easily find the neighborhood to find drunk passengers. According to an investigation from CNN, in this case, there are at least 100 more Uber drivers in the United States who have been accused of sexually assaulting for the past four years.

Uber seems to be taking an important step about Uber's plan with the patent. But clearly Uber lately wants to change his reputation. The features of this planned Uber can benefit drivers because they will be warned about the state of the passengers.


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