University students are ticketed and have to pay a $ 400 fine for using Apple Watch while driving

Apple Watch driving
Canada applying the law is quite strictly related to the chances of disruption of concentration while driving.

This is seen in the incident of University of Guelph Victoria Ambrose students who were stopped by police due to use Apple Watch to check the time while driving.

The cop mentioned that he saw a small glow from the car, and found Ambrose staring down for four times.

In addition, the police also mentioned that when Ambrose stopped at a red light, he did not go forward until the police directed the lights to his car.

The lawyer representing Ambrose mentioned that the law of driving with an incomplete focus, applied in 2009 due to the growth of mobile phones, does not apply in this case because it requires someone on a mobile device to activate the screen, and tap it again to disable it.

In addition, lawyer Ambrose also mentioned that the watch is not connected with communication devices.

The defense also argues that because the smartwatch imposed by Ambrose qualifies to be considered a hands-free device that is safely installed in the car.

All of the arguments presented as a defense were rejected by a legal entity called Justice of Peace.

Llyod Philips decided that Apple Watch is still a communications device, and although it is well installed in the hands of users, this device is still likely to disrupt the concentration of a driver like a phone paired on one's wrist.

The action of using Apple Watch while driving is rewarded Ambrose a fine of US $ 400.
Later, Ambrose's lawyer mentioned that the law needs to be more specific in terms of possible and unauthorized actions and the use of new technology while driving.


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