Verizon unveiled a new unlimited third plan worth $ 95 a month and will be available to customers starting June 18th

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Verizon is launching a new service pack today called Above Unlimited, which is the third unlimited package currently offered by these carriers. From this unlimited plan, no one is offering as much data as the user wants, but Verizon's new plan does offer the most amount of data they can get before they start to spend.

This new suite includes unlimited data with up to 75GB for HD video, 20GB of mobile hotspot data at LTE speed, five TravelPasses each month that can be used in 130 countries, and 500GB of Cloud Verizon storage.

There are three unlimited plans in the mix, the family plan has just become a little more complicated because Verizon introduced a new "mix and match" model.


In addition to unlimited above plans, Verizon also gives its customers the ability to mix and match plans you want on family accounts. So, kids can sign up for the cheaper Go Unlimited package, while their parents can access the more expensive Beyond Unlimited and Above Unlimited packages all in one account.

The Go Unlimited Cost is over $ 20 which seems to have no mark but throttles all videos to 480p quality and limits the hot spot speed to 600Kbps. And for Beyond Unlimited, it offers 22GB of data and 15GB and use of hot spots. In addition, Above Unlimited plans that Verizon has launched today cost $ 95 per month for a single line and provide 75 GB of data.

The new Verizon Above Unlimited plan will be available to customers starting June 18th.


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