Within 6 months Instagram Stories has reached 400 million users

Instagram Stories
Instagram has just reported the number of Instagram Storie's users on its platform now reaches 400 million users. The number is claimed to be twice as large as the daily users of Snapchat. The number is somewhat drastic considering Instagram Stories has just reached 300 million users at the end of 2017, as reported by Business Insider.

It only takes about six months that until the end user can reach 400 million.

In July 2017, Instagram Stories had reached 250 million active users daily, this week the number of users again increased to 300 million.

This achievement was announced directly by Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg. In the announcement, Zuck so familiarly called, revealing the growth of Instagram Storie's users even overtake the number of active users Snapchat which now only revolves around 173 million.

"The growing number of users proves that interaction with friends and family through Stories is now more meaningful, this is a good sign," Zuck said.

The number of daily users of Instagram Stories has steadily increased since it slid in August 2016.

This feature in January 2017 has 150 million active users daily, until finally within six months managed to break the 250 million figure. Meanwhile, the total number of Instagram users has now reached 700 million accounts.

Described by Global Sales Head of Facebook, Carolyn Everson, Stories not only managed to attract ordinary users, but also business people and advertisers.

"If you think about this a year ago when we sat down together, Instagram Stories is not there today we do not only have 250 million users but actually one-third of the most viewed Stories are from businesspersons and a million from advertisers," Everson.


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