Xiaomi is rumored to be giving an extra big bonus to Lei Jun for $ 1.5 billion

Lei Jun
Xiaomi is rumored to be giving an extra big bonus to Lei Jun, his CEO, reaching the US $ 1.5 billion. If so, this is one of the biggest bonuses in history ever given to corporate executives.

This rumor emerged from the securities registration documents received by the Wall Street Journal, which called Lei Jun a $ 1.5 billion bonus in stock for his contribution to Xiaomi. Unfortunately, the Xiaomi party has yet to comment on this matter.

Bonus shares earned Lei Jun's value could jump up to the US $ 1.79 billion when Xiaomi start offering its shares to the public. Certainly assuming the value of Xiaomi's shares when released to the public later in accordance with the initial estimates.

But clearly, the bonus shaped shares received Jun did not have any conditions, such as the performance of Xiaomi in the future, or the success of its IPO that will occur in July.
Bonus earned Lei Jun is passed a number of the biggest bonus in the history of technology companies. For example, CEO of Snapchat Evan Spiegel received a bonus of US $ 638 million in February, which was then the biggest stock bonus since 2011.

The unique thing about this bonus is the absence of any performance appendages that follow. In fact, it is a common thing. An example is Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, who can get a $ 2.6 billion in stock bonus over the next decade, but only he can get if Tesla reaches a certain target.


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