Netflix is reportedly working on creating higher and new pricing plans for its services

Netflix is working on creating higher and new pricing plans for its services. At the same time, Netflix is also rumored to be bringing a number of changes to the current package, assessed will trigger the anger of its customers. According to reports in Italy, Netflix will add four subscription packages for its service called Ultra.

This package will be offered for EUR16.99 per month in Italy. Based on current prices, Netflix will charge a fee of US $ 16.99 per month in the United States.

The only difference in the Ultra package is HDR video support and HD audio and can be enjoyed by four users for one package simultaneously.

A number of customers in Italy mention that the promotional materials they receive from the service, Netflix new line has a number of changes.

One of the changes is the decrease in the number of devices that can be used to enjoy the content simultaneously, with the Premium package from four to two.

However, other customers in Italy receive information related to the Ultra package that the Premium service will continue to allow the four devices to enjoy Netflix at the same time.

If Netflix cuts the number of devices simultaneously by half on its Premium package, then this is expected to increase the subscription price for customers who share with other members. Netflix has not officially applied this new subscription package.


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