Oppo also prepare three of his latest design for a folding cell phone

Oppo logo
Smartphone design fold indeed has not become a popular trend, but vendors such as ZTE already tried it with the release of ZTE Axon M that has two screens. Samsung and LG as one of the producer's panel smartphone is also not less racing bringing such products. Now comes word that the Oppo also had planned to join the developing smartphone design.

Oppo is rumored to have registered patents for the three design smartphone fold at once. The first is the design like a folding clamshell or cell phone, but the whole screen is filled by its surface.

In the design of outstanding images, Oppo makes an airbag to avoid display panel or its screen is broken because it is folded. Information and pictures of this design distributed by the original site LetsGoDigital, Netherlands.

The purpose of these SACs is created as a space to store the air trapped inside the smartphone when bent to produce a flexible chassis design.

The second design is foldable Oppo smartphone using a hinge so it has a dual screen like ZTE Axon m. the difference is it does not separate the hinges of the screen such as ZTE Axon M making it like two smartphones that are put together.

Thus the hinges are hidden on the inside of the screen and the screen panel retains the ability of curved and folded so that it remains visible as a device with a screen but with dimensions resembles a tablet.

While a third design is probably the most extreme among others. Design of folding this Oppo smartphone comes with three screens that can be folded twice so that it became one of the screens.

Oppo folddable phone with triple screen

This design is also still using mechanism hinges and magnets to create the third screen is attached when folded into one.

Is not yet known whether the design patent registered it will be created to form a real but LetsGoDigital knowing that this patent is all registered since February 22, 2018.


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