Samsung reportedly received permission to patent related to 3D facial recognition technology

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The United States Patent Agency document from 2014 displays that Samsung showed an interest in 3D facial recognition technology long before Apple released iPhone X.

Now Samsung reportedly received a patent and can use it on the latest devices.
The reception of the patent for this technology was presented too late for votes on Galaxy Note 9 which will be launched in the near future.

However, this patent is judged according to the devices that will be launched in the year 2019, including folding device Galaxy X and his flagship, Galaxy devices S10.

The latest information said that Galaxy S10 will not be supported with iconic iris scanner Samsung, and will be supported with 3D face scanner technology that was developed with the help of Israel companies.

Samsung facial recognition

In addition, this patent became one of those technologies that display technology-based Time of Flight (ToF).

This technology works by Near Infrared light technology (NIR), the image sensor in the camera and sensors an extra duty to detect the light bouncing off of the subject's face.

Meanwhile, Samsung is planning to take advantage of this technology is more than just a 3D face scanner technology to unlock. This technology serves to track movement, movement detection, the eye tracker night vision capabilities and supported to be able to function in the dark lighting.

The technology Samsung is also estimated to be faster and more accurate in recognizing faces when compared to similar technology on the iPhone X. Meanwhile, the previously circulating information indicated that the latest folding cell phones Samsung, W2019, will have the camera doubles.

The camera is a camera that is estimated to be used by Samsung Galaxy Galaxy S9 + and No byte 9. This camera will be supported by the main sensor and 12MP resolution aperture between f/1.5 and f/2.4 and the secondary sensor, 12MP resolution with aperture f/2.4. 


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