According to Google's Sundar Pichai CEO change model of Android will disrupt the ecosystem of Android for free

Sundar Pichai
The European Union's decision to reward Google with fines turns immediately responded to complaints by Google.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai directly responded to these claims through a writing on the company blog. In his writings, Pichai mentions Android user can actually delete the default applications on the device.

In addition, they can also choose the application to be downloaded as evidenced by data that regular users put up 50 applications independently.

However, if requested not to include the default applications on Android, it could disrupt the ecosystem.

"If operators do not include manufacturing and application, it will disrupt the ecosystem of Android, " quoted from The Verge.

Further, she said, this kind of bundle system also became a requirement in order for Android remains free. The reason, Google doesn't need to charge companies that want to use its technology.

"However, we are worried this decision would disrupt the delicate balance that we've been doing with Android, and it can be a distracting cue support against an open platform ownership, " he writes.

Through writing it, Pichai also recalled that the European Commission has been ruling ignores the fact that Central Android competes with iOS. Therefore, Android present to offer the option.

On the other hand, the request of the European Commission so that Google stop the action with a number of Android application bundle default predicted will threaten the company. The reason, it could reduce corporate earnings, particularly from the side of the mobile ad.

Therefore, Google warns that the newness of the business model of Android can actually change. However, the company necessarily have to pull the license of the company's smartphone but instead of giving it away for free.


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