Technology AI beats 15 doctors in the diagnosis of brain tumors

AI diagnoses tumours faster
The news of AI's sophistication in health comes from China. Chinese local media Xinhua called the technology beat the ability of the diagnosis of 15 prominent senior doctors in China. A technology named BioMind AI developed the agency Artificial Intelligence Research Center for Neurological Disorders at the Beijing Tiantan Hospital and a research team from Capital Medical University.

Both AI technology and human teams compete to conduct diagnostic testing of cases of a brain tumor and hematoma or clotting in blood vessels.

The results obtained that the AI technology was able to produce a correct diagnosis of 225 cases with an accuracy of 87 percent within 15 minutes. While the team of 15 doctors had only produced 66 percent accuracy rate in a longer time.

It is explained that BioMind AI technology is trained by processing data from thousands of images or photos of diagnosis related to the disease, which belongs to Tiantan Hospital for 10 years.

Executive Vice President of Tiantan Hospital Wang Yongjun said that all this time medical data has never been touched on AI technology training. He stressed that he did not care about who won in this competition.

He does not want human skills shifted, but instead increases human interaction with technology in the development of technology and services in the medical field. Wan realizes that some doctors may be skeptical about this.


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