Android Pistachio will be the next Android version name

Android Pistachio
Google Android version is always named with the names of foods. After the Android 8.0 Oreo, the company now anticipated to unveil officially the name of the next version of Android.

After ' o' for Oreo, now the ' P ' which is still a mystery. The information circulated recently revealing the name of the food that the inspiration for Android the next P.

The previous name for Android p. popping up, which seems to still be guesswork. Those names such as Android, Android Pie Popsicles or Pineapples, through statements from Slashgear.

Up to date, the name of the next generation of Android or Android 9.0 appeared revealed by employees of Huawei, according to the website of Poland Tabletowo. When responding to a question about the increase for Huawei P9 Lite, customer representative named  "Android 9.0  " as an "Android Pistachio".

Pistachio is a kind of grain-producing plant known as peanuts pistachio. From Wikipedia explains, Pistachio grows as a shrub up to reach a height of 10 meters. Plain Pistachio is grown in dry areas in Iran, Turkmenistan, and Azerbaijan.

The bright green seeds used to decorate food. In addition to being eaten as snacks, the nut is often used as the contents of the pie, biscuits, ice cream or pastries. Like almond, pistachio is rich in protein and potassium.

Android 9.0 also may be called a Pistachio Ice Cream. Nevertheless, it is not known for sure whether the latest generation of Android brings the name of the food.


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