Android users longer to access Facebook than Instagram

Facebook and Instagram logo
Users of Facebook and Instagram have different access time duration. Android users are known they turned out to be longer than the Facebook application using Instagram. Based on data published by SimilarWeb, Instagram users on average spent 53 minutes on Android in June 2018, while for Facebook they longer spent 58 minutes.

But with the Android user, Snapchat thus do not always wear the social media share this short video and photos. In June 2018, the use of Snapchat on average only spent 49 minutes.

Facebook is currently preparing a new feature called Your Time on Facebook. Through this feature, the user can find out how long they spent using social media.

Your Time on Facebook will show statistics to its users, such as about the time spent accessing Facebook on a daily basis, as well as the average time per day and weekend.

Facebook's own party has been confirmed about the features to the Tech Crunch. The new feature will also be able to create a user set up a daily reminder to tell them if it is too long to use Facebook.

In addition, the user later will also be easier to set up the notification. So far Facebook has yet to reveal the party's estimated time of launch Your Time on Facebook.

The company will affect the process of testing it first to a number of people or countries, before releasing a new feature to the public. Your Time on Facebook is believed to be released for iOS and Android device users. However, there is no information given launch time, users have to be patient until Facebook released it.


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