Apple has reportedly released beta 3 for Maps app with iOS 12 operating system

Apple Maps
Apple has reportedly released beta 3 for developers of the iOS 12 operating system. In this version, Apple is called to bring new features, one of which is considered useful for users who are traveling in the area of San Francisco.

The latest feature is an updated version of Apple Maps, supporting information that calls Apple to update Maps from scratch, using only mapping data collected by the company.

The San Francisco area is the first region to enjoy the changes from Apple Maps, while updates for the Northern California region will be called for completion in the fall.

This update is also integrated into the old version of Apple Maps, so users only need to update to be able to enjoy the new features.

The number of fixes available in the update is related to navigation accuracy, including proper labeling of names for street names and country names. More attention is also given to creating trees, lakes, and other environmental icons in the area.

Apple hopes that a new and improved version of Maps service will enable it to compete with Google Maps.

Unfortunately, almost six years after Apple CEO Tim Cook apologized for the inaccuracies found in the app after its first launch, a number of iPhone users complied with Cook's suggestion to use Google Maps and never returned.

Cook's recommendations are intended to be a help for iOS users who need direct direction to get from point A to point B, while Apple seeks to strengthen Maps.

Over the past few years, Apple has improved its map application, and with new updates ready to reach users worldwide, Apple expects users to re-use this app


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