Apple invest $ 300 million to finance renewable energy sources in China over the next four years

Apple launches new clean energy fund in China
Apple launches new clean energy fund in China - Apple issued the funds for the sake of realizing the use of renewable energy in China. The Fund issued $300 million US.

Apple is not alone, they join 10 other companies that also the component suppliers to Apple, and raise funds for the US $300 million to finance renewable energy source in China for four years into the future.

China Clean Energy Fund, so the name of the funds collected by Apple, and in the future, will be managed by DWS Group.

With the funds from the China Clean Energy Fund, it will be more and more renewable energy power plants in China. This will make the component suppliers to Apple's partners in China can also use renewable sources of energy for its plant.

Apple's component suppliers with many originating from China, then the amount of power needed would be very much.

Although the Fund is USD 300 million of it comes from Apple and dropped 10 of its components, Apple was reluctant to describe exactly how the funds that come from Apple's own company.

Apple is known to be committed against the use of green energy, April Apple mentions if all facilities and buildings they are powered by renewable energy, including its headquarters which has 17 megawatts of solar panel installations on its roof.  Then Apple ever wants all clients using 100% renewable energy at its facilities.


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