Apple Music reportedly excels in customer paid compared to Spotify in the United States market

Apple Music
In the month of February, analytic music industry predicts that Apple's Music will have more paid subscribers, compared to Spotify by the end of the summer of this year.

It also predicted one of the sources of the industry does not need a long time. Currently, Apple's Music streaming service is reported to have had more customers paid in the territory of the United States when compared to its competitors.

Apple depose Spotify from a superior position even though the second platform has more than 20 million customers. Achievement Apple Music also exceeded other competitors, namely Tidal and Sirius XM.

Thanks to the rapid growth of Apple's Music in the previous year, this service will continue to widen the gap between the Spotify music streaming service and belong to Apple.

As information grows, Spotify as much as two percent per month. Meanwhile, Apple's Music experienced a growth of five percent in the month.

Spotify is still the leader in the industry of music streaming service globally, with the number of paid subscribers amounted to amounted to 70 million.

Not only paid users, Spotify also has as many as 90 million users of free accounts. While Apple has only 45 million paid subscribers, as well as the user account of the experiment as much as five to 10 million.


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