Apple reported not using a modem chip from Qualcomm for iPhone 2018

iPhone X
Apple since 2016 using modem from Qualcomm and Intel for the iPhone. However, Apple reported not using the modem Qualcomm for iPhone 2018. This new information comes from a Chief Financial Chief Qualcomm, George Davis. According to his estimate, Apple will just use the modem from its competitors to the iPhone, the latest information known from Phone Arena.

This statement is at once before, denied reports that mention Qualcomm will supply 30 percent of the total required Apple modem.

"We believe Apple only wants to use the model of our competitors instead of using ours for the latest iPhone. We will continue to provide a model for Apple devices,  "says Davis.

Qualcomm will continue to supply the modem for iPhone models are still sold by Apple. However, the company has not been able to ascertain the possibility to supply the modem for the new iPhone in the future.

However, given a very dynamic industry, the company is not closing the door of opportunity to work together.

So far there has been no explanation about the Apple's decision. Apart from the issue of this cooperation, the modem Intel reportedly supports the CDMA network and the GSMA. Previously, the modem Qualcomm CDMA devices needed to, while Intel to GSM.


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