Apple rumored to designate using LG display as a second supplier of OLED panel

Apple Company
Apple is rumored to be using LG displays as the second supplier on the OLED panel for their latest premium iPhone device. LG Display is used as an alternative supply that will help OLEDs to more quickly and also cut budgets, quoted from the Korea Times.

"Initially, Apple gets 3 million to 5 million OLED displays from LG Display, LG plans to increase their production capacity," according to sources close to Apple and LG.

Reportedly, the agreement between the two technology companies is worth millions of dollars. In the future, there is also a plan to expand the cooperation of Apple and LG from LCD to OLED.

However, the problem is the production of LG is still much smaller than the Samsung Display. At that time the Samsung and Apple deal for iPhone X reached 110 million OLED display.

According to senior analyst IHS Markit, Jerry Kang, LG screen quality on the V30 is also rumored not as good as Samsung's OLED screen installed on each of their Galaxy products.

"Securing a second supplier for OLED screens is crucial for Apple because it allows companies to reduce dependence on Samsung," he said.

Kang revealed the cooperation will also accelerate the adoption of OLED screens. More suppliers will increase production and in the future will make the price cheaper too.

The company, led by Tim Cook is going to launch the latest iPhone device next year. In addition, Apple is also preparing the development of folding phones, where the product is also being targeted by Samsung.


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