Apple reportedly will not use artificial Intel 5G modem for the iPhone that they release in 2020

Intel 5G Modem
Apple probably will not use artificial Intel modem on the iPhone that they release in the future. According to reports the Calcalist, companies that have Intel tells Cupertino that they will not use modem 5G Intel on the iPhone which was released in 2020.

This pushed Intel to stop developing the 5G modem which has the code name Sunny Peak considering Apple is expected to be a major buyer of the modem.

Instead, Intel is rumored to be a focus to improve the quality of their artificial modem in hopes Apple will use them in the iPhone 5G modem released in 2022.

 "Intel Relationship with customers 5G and our plans have not changed throughout the years 2018 to 2020. We remain committed to our plan and project 5G,  "said Intel spokesperson on The Verge.

However, this statement does not cover the possibility that Apple will stop using the Intel modem after 2020.

It was reinforced by the several reports before this. At the end of the month, Bloomberg reported that analyst Gus Richard Northland, claiming that Apple will use the modem the modem as a substitute for MediaTek artificial Intel.

In addition, Apple is also rumored to be stopped using the Intel modem in Mac products for 2020.

Based on notes made by the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo KGI in February, Apple too relies on the modem Intel this year in order to reduce their dependence on Qualcomm. Modem question arises who will Apple use.

There is a possibility, Apple will already fix a deteriorating relationship with Qualcomm in 2020. Another possibility is they will use artificial modem other companies like MediaTek. In addition, Apple also might decide to make your own modem.


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