Death Stranding is likely to be released in 2020 and for the Playstation 5

Death Stranding
Death Stranding became one of the most awaited games since last year. Obviously, the game shot by the creator of Metal Gear Solid, Hideo Kojima. Automated, many anticipate.

Stranding death will bring ' stuff ' in the gaming industry because of the blending of the concept of a complex story with the best graphics on the PlayStation for blockbuster games generation 4 (PS4). However, Hideo Kojima hasn't been too revealing when Death Stranding would be released.

In fact, the game developer has just been showing off his latest title at E3 trailer 2018 were held some time ago. Thus, when Death Stranding would slide?

According to Wedbush Securities Gaming analyst from, Michael Pachter, thus Stranding Death would slide in more or less two years, 2020. At that time, most likely a PS4 will enter the age of the end.

It could be, Death will be released for Stranding PS5. Anyway, the game was also released for the PS4 will remain, although the developer ultimately prioritizes PS5 as main console Death Stranding.

 "I think, Death Stranding would slide exclusive to PS5. This game will likely become a cross-game generation who will also skate for PS4,  "said Pachter, quoted from Ubergizmo.


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